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QC Pacific, Inc.



"QC Pacific and Jose Rodriguez have been an important part of Sail Thru Car Wash from idea phase to daily operation. Jose has provided some great insights into the products that Qual Chem provides and also into everyday operations that come only from personally owning and operating a car wash as he has.

The quality of the products provided by Qual Chem and Jose have exceeded our expectations and helps us provide a quality product to our customers.

Jose's advice was welcome and helpful during the design phase of our car wash operation and he has carried that forward into the day to day operation of how best to meet the needs of our customers as well as keep a tight handle on expenses. His experience as a car wash owner/operator allows him to provide suggestions and services with the bottom line in mind. He is quick to offer assistance and we feel confident that when called upon he takes ownership of any problem that he is presented with. I know that I can count on him to provide feedback to questions honestly even if he knows it may not be what I want to hear.

Some vendors help you because they have to; Jose helps you because he wants to and does so willingly and with your interests in mind.

He has been a valuable resource in the past and I look forward to working with him now and in the future."

Greg Koenig, Owner
Sail Thru Car Wash, Tehachapi, CA

"At H2Go Express our goal is to align with vendors, partners, and manufacturers that share our core values and principles. This is important to us because we think that the habits of those around us can impact how we do business. Simply put, surrounding ourselves with mediocrity will ensure that we run a mediocre business and that is not something we are interested in. Contrarily, we choose to work with those that make us better, that have high expectations for themselves, and place extreme importance on the customer and his/her satisfaction. In a nutshell, that is why we have aligned with QC Pacific.

They are professional, honest, diligent, consistent, extremely responsive and treat customers the right way, the exact way we aim to treat our customers. They are quick to lend a helping hand, even in areas that do not involve chemicals. It also helps that they are fun to be around!

We consider the QC Pacific team a big part of OUR team and look forward to growing further with them. Our Holiday parties would not be the same without them!"

Ryan R. Blanchard, Partner
H2Go Express Car Wash


"We have been using the car wash solutions provided by QC Pacific for 6 years. Their products and car wash chemicals perform very well. The customer service relationship with QC Pacific is outstanding. Jose Rodriguez and his son, Miguel are continually monitoring the chemicals, which allows us to concentrate on the other aspects of the car wash. Besides the timely supply of chemicals, they monitor, adjust, repair, and replace parts on chemical boards and chemical delivery systems.

Our line of communication is always open, and I know that I can call them anytime; and they can likewise. It would be just about impossible for another company to acquire our accounts."

Mike Dobens, Owner
The Bubble Machine Car Wash, Long Beach, CA